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Brett Eldredge is commemorating his first climb to the top of the chart with a big fall - out of an airplane! 

Nashville's "Tennessean" says the country star proved he's a man of his word, and paid a visit Tuesday to Tennessee Skydiving in Tullahoma to make the leap.  Brett revealed his plans via Twitter last week, saying he "made a bet" that he'd go skydiving if "Don't Ya" went to number one. 

In the days prior to the jump the singer tweeted his thanks to fans for "making this crazy dream happen."  On the eve of the jump he shared his strategy, tweeting that the "first thing" he'd do after leaving the aircraft is "start flapping my arms like wings."  

In a "Tennessean" video after the jump, Brett said, quote, "I love the ground.  I felt like a bird.  And I see drinks over there." 

Eldredge then capped off his adventure with a toast to his number one song, in which he thanked everyone for "sticking" with him "on this crazy ride."