Maren Morris Casually Reveals She's Halfway Done With Her New Album

Maren Morris revealed a lot in a recent Twitter post and I'm not just talking about her bikini pics.

While enjoying a well-deserved tropical vacation, Morris uploaded a series of absolutely stunning photos but they weren't the only things that got fans talking.

"So five seashells on Instagram, four seashells here on Twitter, and now one palm tree. I am sus,” one fan commented while another said, “WHAT DO THE SHELLS MEAN?”

When another fan replied to her photos asking what was up with the shell emojis, the "All My Favorite People" singer saw the question and was able to ease all of our minds.

“I JUST LIKE SHELLS. y’all know I don’t have the bandwidth for Easter eggs,” she said.

Within that same reply, Morris casually dropped the news that she's almost done with her third album! “But the album is 1/2way! See? Shooting ya straight. :)”

She revealed another hint about the album when a fan asked if we'd see any collabs and she had a cheeky reply: “Only the people I sleep with.” Aka, hubby Ryan Hurd.

The new parents recently released their first-ever collaboration, "Chasing After You," which they recently performed at the 2021 ACM Awards. The song marked the first time the couple collaborated on a song together and here's hoping it's not the last!

The 31-year-old released her sophomore album, GIRL, in 2019 so fans are more than ready to get some new music from the country star!

Photo: Getty Images