High-Speed Chase On Las Vegas Strip Nearly Ends In Disaster

Photo: Getty Images

A high-speed chase on the Las Vegas Strip nearly ended with disaster after a car was rear-ended. 8 News Now reported that a man was driving long the strip when another car rear-ended him.

The man, named TK, said, "I was getting off of I-15 northbound at Tropicana at about five o’clock. I heard the screeching. I heard the tires locking up. I looked in my rearview and I saw the car coming. I knew he wasn’t going to stop."

The other driver caused damage to TK's vehicle, including cracking on his bumper and sensors, along with some structural damage.

According to a video taken by TK, the other driver offered him $30 for the damage. TK said that the other driver "also had a weapon sticking out of his jeans."

TK got back in his car and the other driver sped off. TK said, "I hear him spooling up his engine, and I was like 'negative, that's not happening, not today.' And I jumped into my car and as you can see in the video, rapidly closed that distance."

At one point during the chase, the other driver allegedly pointed a gun at TK. That's when TK called police.

Dispatch urged him to stop chasing the other vehicle, but he didn't. TK said, "Dispatch was yelling at me in my phone to not get out of the car. He sees he’s got nowhere to go. He takes a hard right, goes over the curb at like 35 and like legit Dukes of Hazards this Volvo into the darkness."

TK provided police with the video and hopes they find the other driver.

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