Here's The Most Haunted Place In Nevada

Spooky Hotel

Photo: Getty Images

The U.S. is a land brimming with spine-tingling history and legends.

Therefore, it's no surprise that recently unveiled a list of the most haunted places in each state, uncovering chilling tales about spooky locations that have left their spectral marks on the very fabric of America.

From coast to coast, every state has its own stories to tell, its own phantoms that refuse to rest in peace. These are not just ghost stories. In fact, they are glimpses into the past, where tragedy, mystery and the unexplainable have left imprints on our specific regions that are unable to be removed.

It’s easy to be captivated by the shadowy spirits that haunt these locales. Whether it's a ghostly encounter in an abandoned building or at a long-forgotten historical site, each state's haunted destination offers a unique, bone-chilling experience.

In Nevada, the most haunted place is the Goldfield Hotel:

“The Goldfield Hotel is thought of as one of the most haunted places on the West Coast. The hotel opened in 1908 and has 154 guest rooms, but Room 109 is the most haunted. This room housed the owner’s mistress, who was tied to a radiator here throughout her pregnancy. After the baby was born, the mistress and baby disappeared. During private tours, guests have heard crying, allegedly from the mistress and the baby. Other spirits that have been encountered are that of a woman and man who both killed themselves at the hotel.”

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