Dear Thomas Rhett, Did She Get Married Or Not?

Listen, it isn't often that I let something like this get to me, but...what the heck?  It's a sad video!  The male character loves this girl, she loves him.  They spend so much time together and you see it through the years.  From being kids to high school students, they're inseparable, until....SHE GETS ENGAGED!  The big day comes, he's invited but can't stay because he's upset she's marrying somebody else!  The video ends, she shows up, but....DID SHE GET MARRIED OR NOT?!?  I need some closure here.  

What do YOU think? 


Ok, you watched it.  Did she go through with it or, did she leave the wedding to be with the male character.  OH MAN, I just realized...what if she left the wedding to bring him back because she needed him there?

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Big D

Big D

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