Golden Knights Retire Number 58

It was a night that will forever be remembered  by Las Vegas Golden Knights fans.  Saturday at T-Mobile Arena the Golden Knights brought home an NHL Pacific Division crown.  It was the first in the team’s history and coming in their inaugural year made it a historic moment in professional sports.  

But Saturday night was also memorable for another emotionally significant reason.  It was the eve of the six month anniversary of 1October and the Las Vegas Golden Knights paid tribute in a way that will be a permanent and significant remembrance.  

The number 58 was retired Saturday night.  58 people lost their lives on 1October.  A flag was raised in honor of those that died.  And that number will never be worn by a Las Vegas Golden Knights player.

The unexpected success of this NHL franchise has been a helpful part of the healing in the last six months. Saturday night was a crowing moment for the organization and the retirement of number 58 was a fitting remembrance.

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