Punk Rock "Band" Makes Joke About Vegas Shooting, IN VEGAS

WARNING, this video is tough to watch.

My level of disgust has never been higher.  The words used by this "band" is unacceptable.  Because they were country fans, they deserved to run for their lives, get shot or die?  I'm all for a bad mannered joke but when the punch line is...people died!  I'm sick to my stomach even saying it let alone thinking it.

Everyday our city continues to heal, TOGETHER!  From outings to concerts, sporting events & more, we're slowly getting back to normal and enjoying the city we live in.  The last thing we need is some group of ass clowns, who have no clue what the true meaning of #VegasStrong is to come and undo any progress we've made.  To anyone that wants to make a trip to Vegas on your tour, we appreciate you and thank you for including us.  But...if you have the same "sense of humor," that these jack holes do, STAY THE F AWAY from our city!!

And if somehow anyone affiliated with the band sees this, don't bother with an apology, we don't accept.  Just make sure to leave Vegas off of any tour stops, FOREVER!  

Big D

Big D

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