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Share Your Pictures From The OKC Memorial Marathon With Us 🏅

This is about the point you begin to feel the butterflies in your tummy! Ready to begin! The metaphor is often, "it's not a race but a marathon" and believe me, you feel that at this moment! LOL I wanted to take you on this journey and so I asked for friends to share! My thanks to some of my dear college friends who make this an annual event, for sharing some wonderful pics from the OKC Memorial Marathon weekend! Crazy Winds Saturday.. Slight weather delay Sunday, and yet, this will be a RUNtoRemember Photo: Barbara Brockhaus

Ready... Set... STARTPhoto: Beverly Atteberry

Taking The Challenge

Kathi Yeager asked friends to share their pictures from this year's OKC Memorial Marathon. Pictured are college buddies Barbara & Beverly, who make this race an annual event together, running to remember! Photo: Barbara Brockhaus

Oklahoma Wind... Am I right?!

Well race or no race, the Oklahoma winds certainly made its mark during Saturday's portion of the race. Brave runners bravely lined up to use the facilities, hoping not to take flight! LOL Photo: Barbara Brockhaus

Symbolic Resilient American Flag

In this photo my friend Beverly shared, I felt a sorta symbolic vibe! The fact the American Flag, tattered by the strong Oklahoma winds, still proudly waves... A moment, not unlike our Oklahoma Standard that was born during those fateful days, after the Murrah building explosion! We are stronger today and we still #RUNtoREMEMBER! Photo: Beverly Atteberry

May The Course Be With You

I remember running over the years, (crawling more like), during this wonderful marathon. The support from those at each pass was so well needed and as in this case, often just the fun break that is so well-needed! ;) Photo: Beverly Atteberry

Shut Up! I'm Not Almost There! LOL

I love this so much! If you know.. YOU KNOW! Photo: Barbara Brockhaus

And Finally... Thank God, It Is Finished!

Right?! This is a freakin beacon to the exhausted runners! Like a light of hope, when some are repeating to themselves, "I'm ALMOST THERE!" Then to finally cross over the threshold to the incredible feeling of victory and accomplishment! Ahhhhhh It Is THE BEST! Photo: Beverly Atteberry

Oh, man! This is so fun! My thanks to my friends Barbara & Beverly who shared some of their amazing pictures from this weekend's OKC Memorial Marathon! For all of those involved, even as a bystander and supporters of those who took this wonderful challenge to run in remembrance, please share your photos and videos with us on our Twister & Kathi Yeager Facebook Pages! And THANK YOU to all who keep these memories alive!

We are celebrating life!

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