This Restaurant Has The Best Sandwich In All Of Nevada

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Sandwiches are a staple meal. There's endless amounts of sandwich combinations and tons of different sandwich styles, like hoagies, paninis, subs, and even burgers.

So which place in Nevada has the best sandwich?

Eat This, Not That! compiled a list of each state's best nachos. To compile the list, the website used a study from Yelp that listed the best sandwiches in the United States.

According to the list, the best sandwich in Nevada is the Porchetta Sandwich at Karved in Las Vegas. The restaurant's website says that they bring "modernized versions of your favorite comfort foods."

This sandwich shop has tons of different kinds of sandwiches, including french dips, chicken pitas, wraps, and even hot dogs. Click here to see the menu.

Here's what the website says about the restaurant:

"If you're not spending all of your time at Bellagio or at one of the many luxury brand stores, stop into Karved for a more humble meal. The menu at this sandwich shop is stacked with a range of different high-quality sandwiches that won't break the bank, including free-range porchetta, a succulent French dip, and even lemon and caper dressed rotisserie turkey. One Yelp reviewer lends some insight and says the porchetta sandwich is the most popular item on the menu, partially because you get a lot of tasty meat for your money!"

Click here to see the best sandwich in each state.

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