What's NEXT on your radio from Lauren Alaina?

Lauren Alaina’s next single will be “Doin’ Fine”. The song is the first cut on Lauren’s Road Less Traveledalbum, and was co-written by Lauren about her parent’s divorce. 

Lauren says about the song:

“My dad is a recovering alcoholic and when my mom asked for a divorce, he checked himself into rehab. They didn’t end up working it out, which is unfortunate, but it’s a blessing in disguise because my dad is sober and happy and a great man now and has grown so much because Mom asked for that divorce. Both of my parents are happily married now—my mom actually married a family friend, which was interesting, it was a shock, and then my dad married someone who’s seven years older than me. The holidays are interesting! I am so close with my dad, and I’m so close with my mom, but it’s crazy. That song is my whole story, so that’s why we started the album with it. It slams you in the face right from the beginning lyric. I tell people all the time, ‘I live a country song.’”



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