Lee Brice has a new song called "Boy" ... WATCH now!

It has been nearly three years since the release of Lee Brice's last album, I Don't Dance. If fans were getting a bit antsy for new music, they'll be happy to know their wait is almost over. 

Last Friday, Lee announced the release of a self-titled album, set to drop on November 3rd, which features his new single, "Boy." 

He opened up about the project, saying, "Writing this record was a personal and vulnerable experience. Every song is a snapshot of who I am right now. I’ve labored over every word and every note, and I can’t wait to share it.” (Sounds Like Nashville)   


  • It's hard to believe "I Don't Dance" came out three years ago!
  • Lee wrote the song "Boy" when his wife was 39 weeks pregnant with their son.
  • Lee says the record is all about family, love and hard work. 
  • What album are you most excited to hear this year?


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