Tangled Up ... Squirrels?!?!

Here's a story about squirrels that's completely nuts.

Andrew Day was at his parents' house in Maine when he noticed something strange outside. It looked like a squirrel being attacked by a cat.

He walked outside to get a closer look and realized that he was actually seeing four baby squirrels that had somehow became tangled up by their tails and were stuck. He took a short video of the poor little guys. It's believed they got tangled up while in their nest. Their mother was keeping an eye on them from a nearby tree. 

Day noticed a cat nearby that was probably waiting to pounce on the easy targets, so he shooed it away. He then called Animal Control, but the office was closed because it was Sunday. He then called police who instructed him to call the area's game warden.

The game warden told him it would take him about an hour to get there, so Day and his father decided to take matters into their own hands to help the entangled rodents.

They placed the squirrels in a box and then got to work by cutting away some of their fur to try and see if they could untangle them. Their plan worked, and by the time the game warden arrived, the squirrels were untangled and anxious to run free. Day released them to the tree that their mother was in. (Bangor Daily News)              



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