Sea Lions are adorable ... until they SNATCH YOU OFF THE DOCK!

The six-year-old girl who was attacked by a sea lion in a now-viral video is receiving treatment for a possible infection known as "seal finger." 

The girl was seated on the edge of a dock when the sea lion arose from the water and grabbed her by her dress and pulled her into the water. Her grandfather jumped right in to rescue her and carry her back to the dock. The girl was shaken up but otherwise seemed okay. But now the family is speaking out about the ordeal and say the little girl suffered a minor cut which is now being treated for a possible bacterial infection.

"Seal finger" is an infection caused when a wound comes in contact with a sea mammal's mouth. If not properly treated, it could result in the loss of a finger or limb. (NBC News)

  • The girl's family is fending off social media outrage suggesting they were at fault for the incident.
  • Though the family acknowledges that the girl was too close to the edge of the dock, there were other people there feeding the animal.
  • This story would have been much worse if not for the quick-thinking response of the girl's grandfather. 


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