Compare: Kane Brown's Wedding Video to Double-L's!


First things first, I notice a LOT more purple in our wedding video... uh... hi! That's thanks to me! :) I also saw Bubba Irwin, the tattoo artist I share with Kane Brown & Brett Young ... he was tattooing Katelyn's name on Kane's hand at the beginning!) I didn't get any new tattoos before our wedding. I've gotten a few since, though ;-) 

Also! In our video, we have a REAL dog (The Goose) as our ring-bearer and not just a faker on the bar :) 

Kane topped off his evening with fireworks! FIREWORKS?!?! Man. I had a caricature artist & a photo booth... purple cupcakes & dancing... but not any fireworks. 

My husband Mike & I celebrate 5 years married this December & will be spending the weekend at our fave spot in the Valley... same place we were wed ... The Hotel Valley Ho. 

<3 - LL 


Here's an even longer look into our special day :) 12.21.13 



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