In The Feels: Cancer Survivor Is About to Be the Youngest American in Space

SpaceX is a company that has been working toward sending civilians into space -- and not just astronauts.

Well, they’re a step closer as they announced a spaceflight that will include only civilians -- and one of those “regular people” will be 29-year-old Hayley Arceneaux [ARR-seh-no].

When the spacecraft lifts off, Hayley will be the youngest-ever American to fly into space.

It’s actually unfair to call Hayley “regular” because she’s already something of a hero here on Earth.

She’s currently a physician assistant in Memphis, Tennessee -- and also a cancer survivor, as she beat the disease about 20 years ago.

All of her hard work through the years is certainly paying off now, as she’ll be aboard the Inspiration 4 mission, serving as the crew's medical officer.

Hayley says her battle with cancer prepared her for space travel, explaining that it helped her “expect the unexpected and go along for the ride.”