Tyler Farr at House of Blues Las Vegas

Tyler Farr at House of Blues Las Vegas on June 1, 2018

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Tyler Farr Bio:

Tyler Farr’s a thinker, an  observer of the human condition, a man in the middle of a surging  testosterone country movement in today’s Nashville who insists on  digging a little deeper, getting a little realer and owning how hard it  can be. On Suffer In Peace, the son of a Garden City, Missouri farmer  opens his veins and examines the pain that comes from being truly  engaged with living.

From the wracked hangover of what you  don’t see coming in love “Withdrawals,” the smoky acoustic “I Don’t Even  Want This Beer” or the spare run-from-the-memories title track, the  classically-trained vocalist knows that love isn’t just hard, it’s  risky. With a resonant tenor that has a powdery bottom and a warm  center, Farr heats up difficult emotions and peels back what most men  barricade behind bravado.

Source: Tyler Farr Facebook

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