OH COME ON!!! Carly Pearce Body Shamed??

"Hide the Wine" singer Carly Pearce was coming down from a very successful performance. but it all came to a stop when she was messaged by one of the concert go'ers. (YES THEY DO READ THEIR MESSAGES...) The message read "ARE YOU PREGNANT... CAUSE YOU RUN 10 MILES A DAY" with pictures of Carly's stomach slightly going over the top of her pants from the way she was leaning over. 

Carly was without a doubt outraged at the rude and uncalled for comment. So she took to Instagram to share her thoughts,

Carly Body Shamer
Carly Body Shamer

GO CARLY!!! Needless to say I completely agree with her! Just like my momma taught me, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't sat nothin' at all" AMEN!! 

What do you think about her clap back? let me know on my Twitter @TayHamRadio 


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