These Are The Most Attractive Halloween Costumes, According To Singles

Girl ready for Halloween party

While we don’t necessarily think of Halloween as a romantic holiday, how you dress for the holiday may go a long way in helping you find love. So, what costumes should you pick if you are hoping to attract a new partner?

Well a new survey finds:

  • 48% of singles say Halloween is their favorite holiday for meeting new people, simply because it’s such a casual holiday.
  • 70% of people find funny costumes to be the most attractive, followed by:
    • Cute costumes (18%)
    • Scary costumes (13%)
  • As for the costume you should stay away from if you want to find love? Well, political costumes of course.
  • 68% of men think political costumes are the least attractive.
  • 52% of women think the same.
  • And some singles think Halloween can be a total turn on with 20% saying they have a costume picture on their dating profile.

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