What's YOUR country song? Here are my all-time top 3.

Thomas Rhett has a new single we will premiere for you all day Wednesday called "What's Your Country Song."

So that got me thinking, what are MY top 3 favorite country songs. That is hard to narrow down, as there are so many iconic choices through the years. And if you has ten people this question, you'll probably get ten different answers. So I thought I'd start with mine and encourage you to share this and post YOUR top 3. Mine are in no particular order. Obviously, I gotta start with my favorite from Alabama!

Let me throw in some one of the best from Willie.

And throw in the last single offering from the late great Johnny Cash, originally a Nine Inch Nails song...who were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame over the weekend.

Now I get it, that's probably not your top 3. In fact, it's really not a predictable list. I'd love to include some Garth, FGL, Luke Combs, Carrie Underwood and Old Dominion. But if you can only pick three, those are the three that come to mind for me. What's YOUR country song?

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