MoJoe's 5 Favorites on Morgan Wallen's New Album Dangerous

Fun Fact: Morgan Wallen is the ONLY contestant from the Voice to ever have a top 10 hit. Yeah, that stat blew me away too. So it's even more impressive when this rising star dropped 30 new songs at once. Dangerous: The Double Album is ambitions, authentic, fearless and straight up country! This project should give country radio a string of hits for the next year or two.

But I wanted to share with you 5 stand out songs from this new project. Let me start with the title track "Dangerous." It's uptempo and really sets the tone for the album.

Rich lyrics, summer love and heartbreak come together in "Sand In My Boots." This song reminds me of the Kenny Chesney hit "Anything But Mine." This song is a mood for sure and I'm here for it!

Now, this next song may not be unfamiliar to you. In fact, it was my FAVORITE song of 2020. But it wasn't a country radio hit, mainly because it had a trap beat courtesy of Diplo. But if you saw him open up for Luke Combs, you know the song was getting a great response from fans at his show. So remixed the song with traditional instruments and really turned up the country on "Heartless."

With 30 new songs, there were bound to be some collaborations. Talk about swinging for the fence and knocking it out of the park. Belly up to the bar with Chris Stapleton and hear their voices seamlessly blend together as they ooze heartbreak in "Only Thing That's Gone."

I'll wrap up my favorite 5 with the current single "7 Summers." Sure, you probably know the song, but have you watched the full short film music video? Well here's ya go!

There are so many great songs on "Dangerous" that it's worth a deep dive, with a drink in hand. Spend some time with it and let me know what YOUR favorite track is. Cheers!

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