Struggle With Being Tired All Day? This May Help

If you're like me, you stay up later than you should. I have this strange sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and struggle shutting down for the day. Sometimes I simply crave a little extra me time that I may not have been able to get that day. Sometimes you just keep scrolling through your phone.

And then, you find yourself groggy and tired the next day because you stayed up waaaay later than you should have. Well, now there's a name for that. Psychologists call it "revenge bedtime procrastination."

In fact, a pre-med psychology student in Iowa named Saman Haider stumbled upon the phrase one night while doing the very thing we're talking about. She even made a TikTok video to see if others relate to her struggles. I certainly do!

Apparently, we're not alone. That video has been seen by nearly 14 million times. So what can we do? I try to turn off screens, read a book or focus on breathing. That usually calms my mind and helps me wind down so I can sleep. It doesn't always work, but it helps.

If you have any way to wind down, would love to hear your tips. Email me:

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