This Is Why You Should Never Fall Asleep Wearing AirPods

I'm guilty of falling asleep wearing my AirPods. Sometimes I doze off while listening to a podcast, it happens. But after hearing this story, I'm going to be a little more careful!

A guy in Massachusetts accidentally swallowed one. Yeah, that's right. He fell asleep listening to iHeartRadio (probably) and woke up missing an ear bud. He just figured it fell out and would eventually be found. He did notice some discomfort in his chest and struggled swallowing water, but carried on with his daily routine. Later, he asked his family to help him find the missing AirPod. They suggested that maybe he swallowed it.

That can't be, right? So he went to the hospital and X-rays confirmed the device was lodged in his esophagus. Lucky for him, they were able to retrieve the AirPod after a quick procedure and no further damage was caused.

Here's the kicker...the AirPod still worked. But I'd still advise not trying that at home.

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