Got Clutter? Here's A Few Ideas To Help You Reduce and Repurpose

Do you have stuff around the house you never use? I know I do. I'm not saying you or I are packrats, but stuff accumulates. With spring cleaning on the horizon, today is Old Stuff Day. It's a day to appreciate or get rid of stuff laying around the house.

So this week, let's do a little pre-spring cleaning together. Here's what experts say you should toss:

  • Old bed pillows and linens you never use because they’re old and ratty.
  • Beat-up old suitcases and duffel bags.
  • That collection of cheap vases from flower deliveries.
  • Books: Don’t throw them out but donate them. There are even libraries that will take your old books if they are in good condition.
  • The toys your kids never play with: If they are in good condition, donate them. If not, toss them.
  • Exercise equipment you never use: That treadmill that you have been draping clothes over for years needs a new home.

Not passing any judgement here. Just trying to help you move into spring with less clutter!

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