What Does Your Drink Say About You?

This survey finds that 50% of all drinkers admit to being “embarrassed’ to order their favorite drinks in public, and they may have a good reason to. A new Reddit thread has bartenders revealing the stereotypes they give to popular drink orders and after reading it you may never order your favorite drink in public again. 

Among the stereotypes assigned:

  • Margaritas - "Old ladies that want to party usually start with margaritas."
  • Vodka martini - "These are fancy drunks."
  • IPA – “IPA drinkers are bearded dads who want to ask 15 questions and try 15 samples."
  • Long Island Iced Tea - "Long Island iced teas rarely get tips and are almost always asked to 'make it strong.' It’s nearly an entire cup of liquor. How TF am I supposed to make it stronger?” and "Long island iced tea = let's get f*ed up, fast."
  • Chardonnay - "High-maintenance middle-aged divorcée with two kids in private school. Possibly on the prowl for rich single men."
  • Tequila Shot - "I don't have work tomorrow."
  • Fruity Frozen Drinks - "Fruity or frozen drinks are typically new drinkers."
  • Vodka Red Bull - "Usually on some kind of drug. On the bright side they tip well because they're too drunk to care about getting change.”
  • Old Fashioned - "Either someone who knows their booze really well, or not at all, and they want to look sophisticated."
  • Cosmopolitan - "This person is almost certainly a pain in the a**."
  • Jack and Coke – “You’ll be fighting someone in a few hours."
  • Pinot Grigio – “Has no personality whatsoever."

Is your drink on here?? If so, tell me if it's accurate on twitter @TayHamRadio

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