How Much Have You Spent on Amazon? Here's How to Find Out

I'm a super user of Amazon Prime. My philosophy, if you're paying for it, why not use it to the fullest extent?

Well now there's a way to go back and see how much you've spent on Amazon Prime. Warning: the number might shock you, better sit down first.

1) Go to and log in
2) Click "Your Orders" in the top right corner, where there are a ton of order-related choices
3) You should see the "Download Order Reports" link, click it
4) Now select how far back you want to look. For full history, pick January 1st and in the "year" dropdown, choose the year you signed up. The click "use today" for the second date
5) Once completed, click "request report" and a .csv file will automatically be downloaded. Note: it could take up to a minute or so
6) The file needs to be read by a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel. If you don't have it, go to and click on "blank"
7) Now that you have a blank spreadsheet, click on the file, then Open and then Upload. This opens that .csv file in the spreadsheet.
8) Finally, scroll down to the bottom and find the cell right under your last transaction and enter =(SUM U1: U [insert the cell number of your last transaction U25 U125 U1250, etc.] and your spreadsheet program will add the value of every transaction from your first until your most recent and give you your total.

I know it takes a few steps, but now you know how much you've spent on Amazon Prime through the years. If you feel like sharing, please tag me (@mojoeroberts) to make me feel better about my total.

Happy shopping!

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