Man Arrested At McCarran Airport For Threating Lives Over Luggage Fees

Yeah, luggage fees suck. But don't try what this guy did.

Federal agents had to arrest a guy at McCarran International Airport for threatening to blow up the airport and kill people, because Frontier Airlines made him pay a fee to check his luggage.

Bro, anger issues?

The ticket agent charged the man $55 to check his suitcase and he got heated quickly and use some strong language. The next day, the airline received threatening phone calls from someone identifying himself as "Donald Hump" and specifically complained about the checked bag fee.

He then allegedly spouted off racial slurs, threatened to kill people in Las Vegas, and said he would blow up an airplane. He also said he would come down to the customer service call center, which is actually in the Philippines, and kill everyone there, too.

Federal investigators arrested "Donald Hump," who is really 52-year-old Andrew Greco. He admitted that he was angry about the charge and wanted to scare them into giving him his money back.

Next time, just do what I do...wear 5 layers of clothes. You'll be warm, but you won't need a suitcase. Okay, maybe that's not the move either.

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