Cinco De Mayo Playlist: MoJoe's Top 7 Country Songs About Tequila

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It's a day where, if you're of legal drinking age, it's almost mandatory to drink some tequila and eat some tacos. While there aren't a lot of country songs about tacos, there are plenty about tequila.

There are many to pick from, including honorable mentions from Kenny Chesney ("You & Tequila") and Shelley West ("Jose Cuervo") but I narrowed it down to my top 7. Let's start with Jon Pardi's latest single, "Tequila Little Time" (we see what you did there, Jon)

The next pick is far from a party starter, but it is a BIG hit for Dan + Shay who, based on the lyrics, will probably choose to stay away from "Tequila."

Hard to build a country playlist about tequila without including this classic from John Anderson.

Noticing a lot of these deal with the subject matter of how tequila effects your emotions. This next one from Lonestar is no exception. Featuring John Rich on vocals, here's "Tequila Talkin."

That brings us to number 3, which is the only song to make my list without the word Tequila in the title. But you can't make a margarita without that key ingredient. So count along with Luke Bryan's "One Margarita."

I saved the final two songs to show how tequila effects men and women a little differently. #2 on my list is Tracy Byrd's attempt to go "Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo."

And finally, my top song about tequila is a cautionary tale about the results of too much tequila. It's Joe Nichols "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off."

Please be safe and drink responsibly. I'll leave you with the classic "Jose Cuervo" from Shelley West. If you're not familiar with this track, it may be your new jam.

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