Ben Affleck Ain't The Only One Getting Outted On The Dating App Raya...

Matthew Perryis currently engaged to his on-again-off-again girlfriendMolly Hurwitz… and it looks like he was doing some window shopping while they were in one of their “off” moments. TikTok userKate Haralsonhas outed the “Friends” star for using the celebrity dating app Raya.

Haralson claims she matched with the actor on Raya in May of last year when she was 19 years old… and she says he’s an example of how older men in Hollywood are “taking advantage” of younger women on dating apps. When she was chatting with Perry – who’s 51-years-old – she says he was eager to move their conversation from Raya to Facetime… and made some uncomfortable comments about their age difference.

Haralson says she just thought it would be “funny” to chat him up, noting she’s never watched “Friends.” But she also says Perry didn’t seem to mind that she was just 19 years old, cracking “weird” jokes to her like, “Am I as old as your dad?”

TikToker revealedBen Afflecksent her a video message asking why she unmatched him on Raya. Speaking to “Page Six,” Haralson says she was inspired byNivine Jay’sTikTok to post her own story.

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