A Mother's Day Poem Written by My 7 Year Old

We all know, getting a homemade card is the absolute best! I've got a whole bin FILLED with arts and crafts projects saved from my 7 year old Weston that I will keep forever. But this one... was unique. I was thinking it would say the sweetest kindest things about how great of a mom I am or how much he loves me... WELP... got something a little different than what I was thinking. And I'm definitely hanging onto it to show him in the future!

Here's what he worked on in school and gave to me this Mother's Day...

Now... I know what you're thinking. "So sweet!" "So innocent!" I thought the same thing until we got to the last one where it says "My mom is as helpful as... ME" and then he goes "but I'm not very helpful..." and then proceeds to laugh. Hope you got a kick out of if as much as I did!

Happy Mother's Day y'all <3

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