TikTok Mom Swaps Baby With Another To See If Dad Notices

A TikTok mom sent her husband into panic mode after swapping their baby for another baby to see if he would notice the difference. Kat Stickler posted a video of the prank, revealing that she enlisted the help of another mom and baby duo to fool her hubby, Mike. In the clip, she dresses the imposter baby in the same outfit and yellow hair bow as their daughter, MK, then puts her into MK’s stroller.

Kat sets the camera up to film his reaction and strolls the other baby in and asks Mike to get her out of the stroller. He starts to do it as he stares at the baby girl in front of him with a confused look on his face. Then he jumps up and removes the infant from the stroller while yelling, “This is not our baby!” The mom replies, “What do you mean,” while trying to hold back laughter.

At this point, he’s really getting upset and confused. “Katherine! Is this a prank,” he asks in a high-pitched voice while holding the other baby. “Whose baby is this? Are you pranking me right now? Where is MK?” Then Mike tries to figure out what happened and asks if they went to the park. When he yells, “This is not our baby” and “This is not funny,” his wife finally admits, “I’m pranking you, I’m sorry.” He lets out a sigh of relief and then tells her, “I really thought you literally lost our child!” While Mike was horrified by the prank, their TikTok fans loved it and the video has gone viral with more than 11-million views.

  • This clip may have been one of the couple’s most popular, but it turns out, it’s also one of their last. Mike and Kat recently announced that they’re separating and they’re now focused on co-parenting MK.

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