The Casazul Mixologist Taste Of The Cove Contest

Calling all mixologist, bartenders, cocktail creators… Show your skills to become a brand ambassadors for Casazul tequila at the taste of the cove mixologist contest And have your original creation be featured at the country in cove. 

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Award-winning Casazul Tequila is Kosher Certified, gluten-free, and one hundred percent organic with zero additives.

Casazul Mixologist Brand Ambassador Contest

Cowabunga Bay Waterpark, Casazul Tequila, 95.5 The Bull, Angry Crab Shack and 15 Minutes Of Fame Entertainment are proud to present The Casazul Mixologist Brand Ambassador Taste Of The Cove Contest.

Contest Outline:

Mixologists throughout the Las Vegas area will compete for their chance to create one of four signature cocktails for the Country In The Cove Country Concert to be held at Cowabunga Bay Waterpark on Sunday, August 15th. Over the course of 4 weeks, 24 Mixologists will be selected to participate and select their Casazul Tequila of choice (Silver, Reposado, Anejo or Extra Anejo). They will utilize their own ingredients to create what they believe should be the signature cocktail for the concert. Each week, 3 mixologists will compete at their assigned venue (SG Bar or Angry Crab Shack). All three participating mixologists that night will compete using the same line of Casazul Tequila. The first-place winner each night will advance to the finale on August 6th. There are no restrictions for what ingredients can be used with the tequila for the cocktail, but the cocktail must be able to be produced in mass quantity for the concert.


The Judges will consist of representatives from Casazul Tequila, Cowabunga Bay Waterpark, SG Bar, Angry Crab Shack and Industry Mixologists not competing in the contest. The finale will be judged by representatives from those organizations, along with local celebrity judges.


During the August 6th finale, each winning mixologist will be awarded the title of Casazul Tequila Brand Ambassador for the year, which will allow them to participate in any Casazul events as the brand representative for Las Vegas. During the August 15th Country In The Cove Concert, the winners will be brought on stage in front of nearly 4k people and the owner of Casazul, Bruce Warner, will present them with A Crystalino Anejo – Ultra du Blanc Tequila bottle, which has not yet been released in the market. The winners will also receive 1 VIP ticket to the concert, courtesy of Cowabunga Bay Waterpark and attend a dinner with the entire Casazul Team.

Tasting: Frankie’s Uptown Monday June 28th

Week 1: SG Bar: Mon: 7/19 - Anejo Angry Crab Shack: Tue: 7/20 - Anejo

Week 2: Angry Crab Shack: Mon: 7/26 – Extra ... Anejo Angry Crab Shack: Tue: 7/27 Extra Anejo

Finale: Friday 08/06 – Cowabunga Bay Waterpark

Country In The Cove Concert: Sunday, August 15th – Cowabunga Bay Waterpark
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