Brothers Osborne, Mickey Guyton & Kane Brown Lead Changes In Country Music

This week’s “Billboard” magazine highlights country music’s “inclusive future” and talks to three artists shaking things up in the country world - Kane Brown, Mickey Guyton and Brother’s Osborne, whose TJ Osborne came out earlier this year. In the interview, all three discuss using their influence to change the genre. 

“The thing that comes with fame that I enjoy isn’t the attention. I do like the attention; I’m not going to lie to you,” TJ shares. “But it really is being able to have power to influence and change the narrative. To change other people’s lives.” Brother John adds, “I feel very lucky that there are artists changing the definition of what it is to be a country artist.”

This year was the year Mickey took charge of her music, singing more personal songs, and she explains, “it’s so important to sing your truth. That’s why I fell in love with country music.”

“Part of owning your power is not being afraid to take chances or try things our own way. Or even if you are afraid, doing it anyway,” Kane adds, “Certain songs I cut or wrote, writers we’ve signed or even launching a label, we’ve all done it on our own terms.” 

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