How To Take RTC To Allegiant Stadium For Garth

Saturday night, 70,000 fans will pour into Allegiant Stadium to witness the first live music concert at the new(ish) venue. But how do you plan on getting there?

There are a lot of options, but they could set you back up to $120. Have you considered RTC?

The RTC's Deuce bus runs 24/7 up and down the Strip. There's a drop-off near Hacienda Bridge and many resort properties offer shuttle service to the east side of the bridge. The Hacienda Bridge is a short (0.3 miles) 10-to-15 minute walk from the east side to the Stadium gate.

RTC is an easy, efficient and affordable transportation option to Allegiant Stadium. As mentioned, the double-decker Deuce buses run 24/7 on the Strip every 15 minutes with 57 stops, including Hacienda Bridge at Mandalay Bay.

For $8 you can purchase a 24-hour Deuce pass. Then, RTC offers a number of transit routes from all parts of the valley and you can plan and pay for your trip on the RTC's app: rideRTC.

You can plan your route HERE.

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