Are Blake And Gwen Planning to Make A Baby?

By now you know, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton got married earlier this month, and now a new report claims they are looking to add to their family. 

I think Blake is a great step dad, from what I've seen, so I'm thrilled to hear that the couple are open to the idea.

While Gwen is already mom to three boys, there are sources close to the couple saying they “are talking about having a baby and exploring that.” The source adds, “It’s no secret that Gwen wants a daughter; she’s spoken very publicly about it and having a baby is something that she and Blake have discussed.”

The insider notes, “Blake considers himself a father to her children but would really love a biological child of his own,” and Gwen is on board with expanding their brood.

Another source adds, “There are a few different ways they can go about this, but the discussion is definitely on the table.”

I hope these reports are true, because that's gonna be a talented kid with some good genes and a great sense of humor!

In the meantime, Blake & Gwen are in LA and a honeymoon is still a ways out. Reports say that not a lot has changed with the couple, other than calling each other husband and wife now. They're just happy to finally be married.

And we're happy for them!

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