Americans’ Mood Improve During Summer

While some people may prefer the cooler weather of the fall or winter there are plenty of folks who look forward to summer and everything that comes with it.

A new survey finds:

  • Some folks love summer so much, that 72% of people say just thinking about it puts them in a good mood.
  • Half of Americans love summer because it’s the perfect season to be social with others.
  • 72% say they feel relaxed when at a summer get together, while 64% consider summer gatherings a form of “therapy.”

So, what do people love the most about summer?

  • The best thing about summer include:
    • Eating summer foods (57%)
    • Being outside (55%)
    • Relaxing on the weekends (50%)
    • The warmer weather (45%)
  • And there are a lot of things to love when it comes to summer foods.
  • The survey finds the top flavors of summer include:
    • Lemonade (60%)
    • Barbecue (59%)
    • Melon fruits (51%)
    • Iced tea (51%)
  • Folks also love summer smells like:
    • Grilled foods (65%)
    • Freshly-cut grass (60%)
    • Beach air (49%)
    • Charcoal grills (43%) 
  • Of course not everything about the summer is perfect. For every good smell there is also a bad one.
  • Among the worst summer smells:
    • Sweat (54%)
    • Hot trash (54%)
    • Lawn mower gasoline (27%)
    • Bleach (24%)

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