Americans Will Keep Using Delivery Services Post-Pandemic

It’s no surprise that the pandemic changed the way we shop, and it looks like our new habits are here to stay. HomeValet and OnePoll teamed up to take a look at shopping and a big surprise is home delivery. About 56-percent of people say they will keep ordering regularly after the pandemic is behind us.

There were plenty of other interesting results, including about online shopping.

  • 83-percent of the online delivery shoppers think it will be the primary way buying things gets done in the future
  • About half think that shift will occur within the next five years.
  • Three quarters of people are using home delivery more than ever due to COVID.
  • When it comes to shopping online, 69-percent will keep doing it
  • About 57-percent have abandoned items in their shopping carts, with clothing being the top item

When it comes to security around the buys, those asked want more control over delivery times, secured package delivery boxes, and more auto replenishment.

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