Some Brutal Ways People Have Been Dumped

Getting dumped is never easy, but how you get dumped may ease the pain a little bit, with a particularly bad dumping pretty hard to get over.

Well, now folks have shared with BuzzFeed some of the most brutal and heartbreaking ways they’ve been dumped by an ex, and once you hear them you’ll wonder how they ever were able to trust someone again. 

Brutal ways folks got dumped include:

  • "He broke up with me on Christmas Eve through Facebook Messenger while we were engaged and I was 6 months pregnant."
  • “After almost a year of dating, he left an envelope under my doormat with a note and my key. The note said we couldn’t date anymore because his wife had returned from her tour in Afghanistan. I had no idea he was married."
  • "He texted my mom to tell her that he was planning on breaking up with me when I got off work. The coward couldn't even break up with me through text. He basically got my mom to do it for him."
  • "We had been dating for eight months, and he broke up with me during sex. He finished, broke up with me, and THEN pulled out."
  • "I got dumped over Snapchat. He didn't even have the decency to do it over chat either! He did it by sending photos that disappeared."
  • "I got dumped on April Fools' Day. It took half an hour to convince me it wasn't a joke."
  • "This guy I was with years ago broke up with me on December 30. I’ll never forget it because he said he felt like he needed to start the year off without me."
  • “He was such a chicken that he had his new girlfriend call me to tell me it was over. Then, he ghosted me.”
  • “He broke up with me on my birthday and told me that it was my present."

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