The Funniest, Most Embarrassing Autocorrect Fails

While the idea of autocorrect on your phone or computer sounds like it’s a great thing, often times it makes some pretty embarrassing corrections, and most people have been left red-faced by the texts they’ve sent. 

Well, now “My Health Gazette” has gathered together some of the funniest texting autocorrect changes, and we bet most people can relate, and if they can’t, they’ll certainly have a good laugh about them.

Autocorrect mistakes include:

  • Texting their mom about their crazy day, one person shared “I devoured a baby in a cab,” when they meant “delivered.” Then when asked if it was a boy or a girl, they responded “gorilla.”
  • One person’s attempt at a love message went horribly wrong, texting “My love for you is so strong I’d buy you a casket if I could,” only to quickly realize the mistake and note “*castle. I promise I meant castle.”
  • One mom texted their child “just so you know dad’s in prison,” leaving their kid going nuts, especially since mom didn’t get right back to them. Finally, she responded, “sorry, in bathroom. Dad’s interested in dinner tomorrow.”
  • Another mom started her text by asking her child if they were sitting down, then shared, “You’re brother was adopted.” After the person on the other end freaked out she corrected herself, “I wrote accepted and the phone changed it. He got accepted to Yale.”
  • Then there was the person who asked “hey can you get pregnant before you come over today,” when he was really asking for some Pringles.
  • And how about this exchange “There’s a burglar in the house,” to which the person replied to get out of there and call police. They then texted back again, “No, there’s a burglar in the house.” Turns out there was a "squirrel" in the house.

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