Internet Blasts Man Who Proposed In The P.S. Of A Note

The Internet has some definite opinions about marriage proposals, as one woman recently found out when she decided to share the happy news of her engagement online.

A newly engaged woman was so happy that her man proposed that she proudly posted a photo wearing her engagement ring, along with the hand-written Mother’s Day note that went along with it. "He isn't really the best with being romantic but this is the best note ever," she wrote on Facebook post, which was re-shared in a ring shaming Facebook group.

"Happy Mothers day! Me and Monk love you so much,” the note reads. “Thank you for being such a good Mother to her.” The boyfriend continued, “I was going to wait until I got home to do this but I wanted to make you happy as soon as you got up. I Hope you like it.,” adding, “Oh well, I love you! "PS Want to get married some time?" (sic)”

While the woman seemed more than happy with the proposal, the Internet was not down with it at all, especially since the beau wasn’t even there for it.

  • "Wait wut???? Tell me this m@n did not propose as a ps in a note while he wasn't home,” one person commented, while another added, “Nothing says happily ever after like proposing with a note."
  • One person commented, "I'm getting second hand embarrassment.”
  • “Throw the whole man away ma dude,” another shared. “He 'proposed' but didn't really 'propose' through a note that looks like a monkey scribbled sh*t on a canvas AND to make it even worse the proposal was in the P.S section of the f***ing note."
  • The guy did have at least one big of support, with one person writing, "I think the note is kind of cute."

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