TikTok Sparks Young Vs. Old Restaurant Etiquette

Working in restaurants lately seems like a thankless job, and there are certainly some customers who make things easier for servers and some who make it harder. Well thanks to a TikTok video, a debate is raging about such etiquette while dining out.

It all started when TikToker Sally Loeza shared video of two tables after they finished dining. One photo from a table of young diners, shows their used dishes neatly stacked at the end of the table, while the other photo, allegedly from older diners, shows the’ plates left exactly where they had bee eating them. 

"Younger generation vs older generation," Loeza wrote, suggesting that the second table was made up of older diners who are being less than helpful, using the hashtags, #boomers, #restaurantlife and #waitressproblem. She did explain that she wasn’t the waitress, just another diner, writing, “Even though it's not 'our job' it takes 5 seconds to pick up after yourself and requires 0 effort." 

Well, the post quickly went viral with more than 90,000 likes and 663,000 views, and lots of comments debating on diners’ behavior.

  • "I always stack the plates and gather it all together before leaving. It just seems more courteous!,” one person wrote.
  • Another actually didn’t think younger diners were more likely to do this, writing, "Weird - everyone I know (Gen X) does this and none of us are servers or ever have been. But I've never seen anybody under the age of 30 do this."
  • Some don’t think it’s generational at all, and is more a matter of upbringing, with one writig, “Lmao literally stop blaming generations and blame the way someone was raised... I'm 28 and clean up and so does my 17 year old brother.”
  • But not everyone thinks stacking plates for servers is the best idea.
  • “As a busser I kinda don't like when people stack cause it ruins my flow and the way I do it. Best to just tidy it up instead," one person commented, while another added, "I worked as a server and didn't like people stacking their plates. It messed with my way of doing things."

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