Married Folks Wish Unmarried People Knew This About Marriage

While many people dream of getting married, the truth is you don’t really know what it’s like to be married until you are. If only there were people who could warn others about the reality of married life.

Of course there are, other married people, and now some are doing just that. Someone on Reddit posed the question, “Married people of Reddit, what's something you wish unmarried people knew?,” and people were more than happy to offer their thoughts.

They include:

  • "Go on a road trip together. Travel together before marriage. Close quarters and tough situations will give you insights into who that other person is."
  • "Be honest always! Once you break trust, you never really get it back. Even if that honesty might cause some momentary discomfort, in the long run, you’re better off because your spouse will trust you."
  • "Live together for at least a year before getting married."
  • "Talk about whether you want kids or not before things get serious."
  • "It’s your relationship. It’s something that belongs to you two. No one else."
  • "It's totally okay to sleep in separate beds or even separate rooms if that's what works for you. I am not going to be a good partner if I only get four hours of sleep because I was listening to him snore all night, or if jobs require different sleeping schedules and you take a while to get to sleep."
  • "Adult up. Both partners need to take in the mental load of managing the house."
  • "Getting married doesn't mean you're never going to feel lonely again."
  • "The 'dating phase' of your life never ends, if you're doing it right."
  • "Have things you enjoy doing with your spouse that don't involve sex. The most stable marriages are ones where you and your spouse could be friends if you weren't married
  • "Decide whether a fight is worth having. If it doesn't matter tomorrow, does it really matter today?"

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