FUN FACT: We've Been Opening Ketchup Packets Wrong

One of the most annoying things about getting fast food, especially if you're eating on the road, is ketchup.

When you squirt those little ketchup packets onto your fries, you get gobs on one fry and none on another. Plus you get your fingers all messy trying to eat them.

I finally had to ban those packets from my car, after my kids kept getting the red sauce everywhere. But one TikTok user has a better way

Smooth out the long edge of the packet on the side where the little "tear here" notch is. Then pull all the way along that edge. Pinch both ends, and you have a little cup of ketchup you can dunk your fries into.

No fuss, no muss, and even ketchup coating on every fry. Mind. Blown.

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