A Sexy Bernie Sanders Costume, Complete With Mittens, Exists

With Halloween only a few weeks away it’s time to start thinking about your costume, and while some adults like to look scary, there are others who want to look sexy, which leads retailers to come up with all sorts of odd sexy costumes, and the latest is a doozy.

The online store Dolls Kill is selling a sexy Bernie Sanders costume. Dubbed the “Trickz N’ Treatz Once Again Asking Costume Set,” it sells for $85, and includes a grey coat, cozy mittens and a face mask to mimic Sanders’ look at the 2021 Presidential inauguration. As for what makes it sexy, the look doesn’t come with pants.

According to the description, the costume is designed to help wearers become “a viral Internet meme!,” noting the look makes for “a total insta-worthy moment.”

As you can imagine, the Internet had to chime in on the new sexy costume.

  • “Why did they make Bernie as a hot got e-girl costume I’m wheezing,” one shared, while another added, “Well, I found my Halloween costume.”
  • “HOW IS THIS $85 WHEN I HAVE A COAT, MITTENS, AND NO PANTS AT HOME?!?!,” one person pointed out. “Bernie would not approve. 
  • As for how Bernie feels about it, his rep told Vice, “If fans of Sen. Sanders’ mittens are looking for a real scare this Halloween, they should see how hard the wealthy and world’s biggest corporations are fighting to stop Congress from finally addressing the long-neglected needs of the working class,” adding, “I’m shuddering at my desk just thinking about it.” 

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