Limited-Edition “Hocus Pocus” Milkshakes!!

Carvel is getting into the Halloween spirit, with three new spooky and yummy treats.

In case you missed it, all this month, the ice cream chain has teamed with Freeform for a trio of limited-edition "Hocus Pocus" milkshakes, in honor of the channels 31 Nights of Halloween event. The three shakes are inspired by the sisters played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy in the film, and all feature branded cups and spoons with images of The Sanderson Sisters.

They include:

  • Sarah’s Chilling Churro Shake– a yellow-themed shake based on SJP’s character featuring cinnamon-sugar churro ice cream, crunchy churro pieces, whipped cream and yellow sprinkles.
  • Winnie’s Glorious Batter Shake– based on Bette’s character, the orange shake features Carvel’s cake batter ice cream and topped with whipped cream and orange sprinkles.
  • Mary’s Devine Cookies & Cream Shake– based on Najimy’s character, this purple shake features vanilla soft serve, cookies and cream pieces, and topped with violet sprinkles.

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