Netflix Sensation 'Squid Game' To Be Edited, Here's Why

My favorite show of the year is 'Squid Game.'

It's a voice-dubbed Korean series about a group of people down on their luck playing extreme versions of children's games, for a chance to win millions. The catch is, if they lose they die.

It's been number one on Netflix for some time and is on track to be the most-watched Netflix series ever. So why change it if it's successful?

Because it's causing a South Korean woman to be inundated with thousands of prank calls and texts after her phone number was shown. Well, she may soon get a break.

Netflix and Siren Pictures said Wednesday they would edit scenes to remove the phone number, which appears on a mysterious invitation card. The woman, identified as Kim Gil-young, told a local newspaper she doesn't want to change the number because it belongs to her business. 

Some reports said she was offered a large amount of money for compensation, but turned it down. Whatever happened to the 555 phone number rule in movies?

Oh, and if you haven't yet jumped on the 'Squid Game' bandwagon, be warned this is a VERY violent thriller and certainly not one to watch with the kids.

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