This Is The Most Popular Horror Movie Villain In Nevada

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With Spooky Season in full swing, people are looking for spine-chilling movies to watch. Each state has its favorite thriller film and its favorite horror movie villains.

Treetopia compiled a list of the most popular horror movie villains in each state.

According to the list, Nevada's favorite type of villain are vampires.

Other popular villains among the states include aliens, demons, monsters, zombies, humans, sharks, and ghosts.

Among all of the villains, humans were the most popular. The scary humans took the crown in 18 states. I know what you're thinking... humans? But this actually refers to "human psychopath" villains like Jason, Michael Myers, and Freddy Krueger.

The website states, "Regionally, human baddies dominate the West, South, and Northeast regions of America. Meanwhile, in the Northwest, aliens and ghosts tie for the most popular movie villain. That said, fans say human psychopaths are the most terrifying of all. They took first place in a whopping 18 states."

The next most popular villain was ghosts. Ghosts were the favorite of seven states. Aliens, demons, monsters, vampires, and zombies were the favorites of five states each.

The least popular villain was sharks. And yes, Jaws IS a horror film.

Which villains scare you the most?

Click here to check out which villains are the most popular in each state.

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