Garth Brooks Teases Residency Announcement

Garth Brooks was back with a new episode of his Facebook Live series where he responded to rumors that he may be returning to Las Vegas for some sort of residency.

“2022 will be the last year of the Stadium tour,” Garth shared. “and we will hopefully end up with the biggest show we can pull together to end” it. He notes, “after that we’re trying to figure out what we are gonna do.”

He then added, “But if I could do a residency like the Wynn show again,” referring to his 2009 residency. “I would do it in a heartbeat. I had such a good good time," noting, “what would be fun is to do a residency in Vegas and in Nashville.”

He then hinted at a big announcement coming this morning, noting regarding residency rumors, “you will get your answers tomorrow morning.” He also suggested he’ll be playing with someone big, explaining he’s “very very lucky” to be playing with them.

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