The Halloween Candy You Give Out Reveals This About You

What kind of candy do you give out on Halloween to trick-or-treaters? Put some thought into that, because it reflects how much you care about status.

According to HuffPost, what you decide to give away for Halloween treats says a lot about your personality and whether you care about your status. 

They say there's a hierarchy to giving out candy, and coming in as the best is King-size chocolate bars. Behind that, sour and extreme flavors are best, and then any kind of chocolate after that is ideal. 

According to a study, buying branded candy might mean someone is making an effort to people-please. "There's a fear that if you hand out subpar candy, your reputation in the neighborhood will take a nosedive," they wrote. They also say that if a person gives away chocolate, gummies, and candy corn, they probably bought the candy for themselves. 

While most people associate Halloween with eating as much candy as one can, many trick-or-treaters are more interested in acquiring candy, not eating it. There was a study conducted of 30 children ages 6-16 about the most enjoyable part of the holiday. According to this research, dressing in costumes and hanging out with friends was top of the list, followed by candy accumulation and then eating lots of candy.

No matter what kind of candy you're giving out, if you eat some, brush your teeth. Dentists are waiting for those cavities to accumulate!

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