The Top Reasons Women Change Their Hairstyle

For a lot of women, there’s nothing worse than a bad hair day, and few gals like to stick to the same hairstyle for too long. But have you ever wondered why a gal decides to change her look?

A new survey finds:

  • The average Gen Xer has tried six different hairstyles over the years.
  • The average Millennial has already tried eight.
  • 25% of women couldn’t imagine having the same hairstyle that they did 10 years ago, while 40% would actually be open to it.
  • 25% are actually still wearing the same hairdo as a decade ago and that’s true for 28% of Gen X ad 20% of Millennials.

So, what prompts gals to experiment with their hairstyle?

  • Well, the top reason for changing up their look is boredom (46%), which may be why 53% of those polled experimented with their hair more during quarantine.
  • Other reasons to change their hairstyle include:
    • Going on vacation (28%)
    • A new job (28%)
    • Moving to a new city (25%)
    • A new relationship (24%)

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