Trying Plant-Based This Year, Check Out These New Offerings

You've probably heard, I'm the resident Vegan around here. I know it's not for everybody, and that's fine. But if you are trying to be plant-based with your diet in 2022, here are some new offerings you can try in Las Vegas.

Chipotle has added their first new vegan option to their menu in eight years. The new plant-based chorizo was tested last year in Denver and Indianapolis before getting a national launch this week. It's made up of "chipotle peppers, ripe tomato paste, crushed garlic, Spanish smoked paprika, and extra virgin olive oil [combined] with natural protein from freshly grown peas." Chipotle is also launching three new vegetarian bowls using the chorizo

On January 10th KFC will launch a plant-based chicken option. It will be available nationwide. It is the new Beyond Fried Chicken and will replicate KFC's famous fried chicken but with no animal products. You will be able to order an a la carte six-piece or 12 piece You will be able to order it as a combo meal that comes with fries. It is worth noting the fries do not contain animal ingredients and a medium drink BUT the food is prepared on equipment with other menu items including chicken.

We hear Taco Bell and Burger King are also working on launching new plant-based items, with their partners Beyond and Impossible meats. I'll let you know when those are closer to being available in Las Vegas.

Let me know if you try either the new Chipotle or KFC plant-based menu items!

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